Deadline for submission: Friday 15 September 2024

The Scientific Commitee (SC) offers the opportunity to submit session proposals, which will be reviewed by the SC. The review will particularly focus on the scientific content of the session, its news value, and the breadth of the chosen topic. The SC may also request adjustments to the proposal.

The length of a session is 1 hour and 15 minutes. It could consist of two 30-minute lectures and one 15-min. lecture or one 30-min lecture and three 15-minutes lectures (or a session of four 18-minute lectures). You are free to fill this session whatever you want. You are not required to leave a slot open for submitted abstracts. You may fill the entire program, but it is appreciated if you include one or more presentations given by PhD candidates/medical residents and maintain a balanced gender representation.

Individual suggestions
The CW will select from the submitted proposals. In this context, we encourage you to jointly submit a proposal with colleagues (outside your own institution) and to consider the interdepartmental and inter-institutional nature when choosing the intended speakers. This will increase the likelihood of your session being selected for the program. You are explicitly requested to ensure the scientific character of the proposal.

Suggestions submitted by section:
Extra attention is given to sessions submitted by sections of both associations. No sessions are pre-reserved for specific sections/groups. If a section wishes to organize a session, a sufficiently detailed proposal must be submitted. The CW will select from the submitted proposals. In this context, we also encourage you to submit a proposal with other sections to increase your chances of being included in the program.

Please provide the following:

  1. English theme/title of the session
  2. Speakers – with a maximum of 4. Please indicate for each speaker their role and (if known) whether they are a member of the KNVM and/or NVMM
  3. English working title/subject for the speakers’ presentations

Compensation for Speakers, Chairpersons & Session Organizers
There is a limited budget available for foreign speakers. The travel costs (economy class), hotel costs (Papendal), and registration costs (2 days) for a maximum of 1 European speaker will be reimbursed by the CW, as well as the travel costs (EUR 0.21 per km or 1st class train ticket) and registration costs (1 day) for a maximum of 1 Dutch speaker who is NOT a member of the KNVM and/or NVMM. No compensation is available for the other speakers.

All speakers and chairpersons, as well as the organizers, must register and pay for their registration through the regular process

Deadline for submission: Friday 15 September 2024