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Abstract submission deadline is Sunday January 13th, 2019

Abstract submission guidelines
The abstract will be judged on following guidelines. Please read carefully before writing your abstract.

1.   Please submit the abstract in the English language. The language during all scientific sessions will be English unless stated otherwise.
2.   Please ask, if possible, a native English speaking person to review your abstract.
3.   The following items have to be covered in the abstract:
  • Introduction: describe research background, the working definition and/or hypothesis.
  • Methods: applied methods, including number of micro organisms and/or patients.
  • Results: please present a summary of the most important results based on sufficient quantitative and statistical data. Statements like “to be completed” will not be accepted.
  • Conclusion: please present a conclusion based on the results. Statements like “the results will be discussed” will not be accepted. Please number the conclusions.
4.   All abbreviations have to be written in full and explained upon first use.
5.   Format:
  • Title: maximum 25 words, provide a short clear title reflecting the content of the abstract, no abbreviations in the title. Use generic names only, no commercial names.
  • Abstract: maximum 500 words excluding title, authors and affiliations.
  • Please note: it’s NOT allowed to include images in your abstract.
Submission deadline is Sunday January 13th, 2019
  • Abstracts, submitted after January 13th, 2019, will NOT be accepted. 
  • Latest 1 March 2019 the author will receive notification of acceptance. 
  • To submit your abstract, click HERE.